Worship –Pastor Jacks

  • Audio Leader
  • Choir Ministry
    • Minister of Music, Bro. Jarvis Menifee
    • Music Director
    • Youth Director
    • Sanctuary Choir Members, Sis. Teresa Barn
  • Church Coordinator, Sis. Faye Ison
  • Guest Service Ministry (Comfort & Care)
  • Intercessory Prayer Ministry
  • Media Production, Internet and Sound Equipment, Bro. Jarvis Menifee
  • Nursery Ministry
  • Pulpit and Worship Assistant Ministry, Elder Chris Eaves
  • Ushers Ministry, Security Ministry, and Parking Lot Attendant, Dea. Ronald Odom
  • Video/Website Ministry, Sis. Melanie Peterson
  • Worship Ministry
    • Worship Leader, Bro. Jarvis Menifee

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